On March 13, 2013, Ha Noi Investment & Planning department issued Business enterprise certificate no. 0106121244, which officially marked establishment and development of Hop Thanh Trading Investment and Construction Company.

Company registered in range of 14 groups of occupation belonging to construction, investment, trading fields; however, we pay attention on promoting business activities to fields as bellow:

  • Manufacturing, providing concrete and products made from cement and plaster
  • Construction majored experiment
  • Construct building and civil technical works
  • Trading material and other installing equipment in construction field

On August, 2015, concrete mixing plant 1- Dong Anh of our company running with capacity of 60m3/h installed at Duc Tu commune , Dong Anh district, Ha Noi City. The first mixing time was done to provide ready concrete with good quality to works in Ha Noi and districts around Ha Noi.

                                 Plant 1- Dong Anh ( 60 m3/h)

On July 2016, Concrete mixing plant 2- Hai Duong at KM43, highway 5 , Lai Cach town, Cam Giang district, Hai Duong province started with capacity of 100 m3/, which helped company to expand concrete supplying market to other areas such as Hai Duong, Bac Ninh, Hung Yen.


                                               Plant 2- Hai Duong

On March 2017, company expanded business to southwest area of Ha Noi with Plant 3 at Van Canh commune, Hoai Duc district. Its capacity is 120 m3/h.


                                              Plant 3- Hoai Duc

On May 2017, at Dong Anh- Ha Noi, company extended manufacturing scale by installing one more concrete mixing plant which had capacity of 150m3/h, which asserted manufacturing competence as well as providing concrete of the company in higher level.

On December 2017, Board of Directors had plan of researching and implementing to build Plant 4 at Hoai Duc district- Ha Noi, which officially asserted activity competence of the company in period concrete field was saturated.

On July 2018, one more concrete batching plant started to run with capacity of 150m3/h. This plant can provide concrete to many projects in Ha Noi and urban areas.


On July 2019, Hai Duong batching plant is moved to another place. New plant has capacity of 150m3/h, which makes ability of whole company sharply increase.