LocationKhuyen Luong Port, Yen So Ward, Hoang Mai District, Ha Noi City

Concrete Mixing Plant 3 – Hop Thanh company: Manufacturing ready-mixed concrete with capacity of 150 m3/h

Competence: Plant 3 has 8 ready-mixed concrete lorry of 12 m3 capacity and 3 pump trucks of 42m,55m and 37m( Equipements can be moved to other plants if necessary). It can meet all requirements of customer about time and mass.

Products: Concrete Mixing Plant 3 has high quality and well experience workforce and modern technology chain system , which helps us to be able to provide all ready-mixed concrete types with high quality such as:

+ Normal concrete ( R28) with all slump degree from 12 ± 2 to 18 ± 2, 20 ± 3….

+ Early strength concrete: R7, R3

+ Special concrete: Zonolite concrete range from w6 to w12, anticorrosive, self-Compacting concrete ( flow rate: 60±10, 50±10 cm), high strength concrete ( M600, M700,…..)