Location: KM 14 – Highway 3 – Duc Tu commune – Dong Anh district – Ha Noi city

Concrete Mixing Plant 1- Hop Thanh company: Manufacturing ready-mixed concrete in 2 plants

+ Concrete Mixing Plant: capacity of 150 m3/h

+ Concrete Mixing Plant: capacity of 60 m3/h

Competence: Plant 1 has 15 Ready-mixed concrete lorry of 12 m3 capacity and 2 pump trucks of 42m and 37m( Equipment can be moved to other plants  if necessary). It can meet all requirements of customer about time and mass.

Located on KM14 – Highway 3, Plant 1 can supply concrete to  works in inner city of Ha Noi, districts such as Gia Lam, Long Bien, Dong Anh, ……, and some other provinces such as Hung Yen, Bac Ninh.

Products: Concrete Mixing Plant 1 has high quality and well experience workforce and modern technology chain system , which helps us to be able to provide all ready-mixed concrete types with high quality such as:

+ Normal concrete ( R28) with all slump degree from 12 ± 2 to 18 ± 2, 20 ± 3….

+ Early strength concrete: R7, R3

+ Special concrete: Zonolite concrete range from w6 to w12, anticorrosive, self-Compacting concrete ( flow rate: 60±10, 50±10 cm), high strength concrete ( M600, M700,…..)